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Folk Rock / Americana

Maurice Gene is a Catalan composer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Maurice’s music stands out for the great melodic guitar work and heartfelt vocals behind his songs, giving them a final touch with captivating lyrics and intricate roots arrangements.


Heavily influenced by the sounds of the seventies (Jackson Browne, Eagles, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Tim Buckley, Bruce Springsteen…). Maurice composes, records, mixes and produces all his material, creating a unique and alternative Indie Folk style.


After twenty years of focusing on shared projects and collaborations, Maurice decided to start out on his own. In his own personal career, he took inspiration from twenty years of learning, training, experimenting, and collecting musical and social knowledge in order to find the lyrics and sound he wanted. 


Maurice ventures to express his experience on his own musical Odyssey, and with the release of his first LP "Golden Days" on May 5th 2019, he has finished the first chapter of this long journey.

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