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Welcome to my musical Odyssey! 

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Golden Days is the title of the LP debut of Maurice Gene published on Vinyl, CD and Streaming platforms.

The lyric of Gene goes along epic and mundane life. Nostalgic, dreamers, sinners, helpless, lovers, abused, fighters,

castaways, libertarians and heroes dance within the verses and take life through the melodies.

Eleven songs invite us to seat and travel in a red Mustang, to look life through the rearview mirror and evoke nostalgia of an already finished trip from a not so far stray youth.

Accompanied by his melodies and guitar riffs, we can drive along the Mother Road listening to a touch of the different musical referents that nourish his songs. It sounds the paraphrase, the footnotes of masters like Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Eagles... essentials of the Folk-Rock movement from the seventies. And if the 70s are the roots, the 80 y 90 are the trunk and branches of his style, a continuum wrapped crown of sensibility that Maurice transforms into a unique andpersonal sound that also goes between Americana and Alternative/Indie Folk.

Recorded and produced at his own studios, this album has been supported by the guru Scott Hull from the famousMasterdisk Studios in New York, who personally took charge of the Mastering and Cutting for Vinyl.

In Golden Days the artist has taken care of every detail, not by chance, the composer and producer inclines himself to paint his lyrics and scores on a vinyl, returning to the magic of keeping those records spinning or playing an entire album on repeat.

Castles in the air,

An old familiar stink,
Surrounds me like the snake,

Who sold the world to Eve,
Bubbles flying high,

In an endless sky,
A child holds a balloon,

And a needle not so far.

Learning steps to be in the mood,

Written on a draft,
Every time we look into the sky,

All the good wills move to trash.

Castles in the air,

Tale related to the Grimm's,
You don't need to know,

Why you cannot climb,
The highest class in life,

Sits on the same white toilet bowl,
To load off mid class rights,

And lean on luxury.

Cats fishing in stormy weather,

Tallkin' bout their affairs,
While the bliss shows all the answers in the air,
Dogs eating from silver spoons ,

Sitting on a chair
It may be true or just quite fair.

Castle's copycat,

Red John's mentalist,
You don't need to know,

How life's so unfair,
It shows so easily,

Don't you need some company?
To load off The Band's Weight,

And lean on who you love.

While the ground keeps swallowing people,

The sky throws them away,
Is there anyone wishing for houses on the moon?
While we laugh 'bout foolish things,

someone disappears,
Is there anyone here to make me a stiff drink?


Blind Bears acting in a Carnival,

Mad cows fed by walking pets,
Is there anyone here wondering....

Is there anyone there thinking....
What if we built castles in the air.

Lyrics and music by Maurice Gene

Turning back the years, in the north countries is told,

There was a sibylline man, they began to call wolverine,

The ancestors wrote: “Colder and stronger than steel”,

No one knew his name, and so they used to sing:


He rides with no past, with no heart,

There’s no death for him, ‘cuz he’s facing his eternal pain.


He can’t use his strength against his ghosts,

There’s an animal howling, over those silent hills.


On a dark and windy road, he rides alone,

Riding on a Thunderbird, and dancing across the night,

When the loud pipes break the silence in the air,

You can see the shadow of the lonely wolverine.

Lyrics and music by Maurice Gene

Golden days,

Golden days came true,

Now past days,

Past days come true,

Split life in photographs.


Lost ways,

Lost ways we found,

Now odd ways,

Odd ways we're bound,

But I can't turn back the years.


You should take care of them all,

You should call and say hello ... after all,

But I am not the one, who makes things right,

I am the one who wrecks it all,

Our life is so true, our light is so bright,

But we can't have it all.


Old friends,

Old friends came by,

New friends,

New friends come and gone,

Don't you lose them once again.


Too close,

Too close we fly,

Our time,

Our time flies by,

And Any sign's a lie.


You should take care of them all,

You should call and say hello ... after all,

But I am not the one, who makes things right,

I am the one who wrecks it all,

Our life is so true, our light is so bright,

But we can't have it all.

Lyrics and music by Maurice Gene

Motherless child born under a killing moon,

Girls and boys laying on a dirty floor,

Working for no man, dealing with the devil’s word,

Bourbon and Scotch running through my veins like gold,


You’re on the evil’s side,

You run my Demons’ Fair,

And when you get home late,

you grab me and hit my face.


Who am I hurting, every time you break my heart,

I’m just trying to get by, i don't care what people say.

You belong to me, You owe me that kind of love,

It’s only you and me, stay away from men in blue.


What did I think when I met you, what a fool I was,

You better get out of this place, This is your last show. 


I’m on the evil’s side,

I run your Demons’ Fair,

And when I get home late…

Lyrics and music by Maurice Gene

new york streets cover.jpg

It's so sad, we dropped the cup

And then came by a good thought

it's been one year, since we lost touch

We miss you and should come back


We have a dream, we'd love to be

Inside some broadway scene

Defying gravity

Or Walking like a man


You can live your dreams in New York

You can start the spark

Singing like a star

In a Piano Bar


From east to west, Delis, shops and stores

Feel the underground warm mist

While Subway shakes, the ground beneath your feet

Good vibrations make bricks dance


From north to south, taxis on the run

The Never ending streets

Wide Concrete walls and sidewalks

Beast and Beauty all in one


You can feel real love in New York

Walking Through the Park

Living for today


Let’s start the day, Starbucks’s fine

Coffe and bagel ritual

Social network time, which pic to share?

There's so much art everywhere


A walk in Central Park, before it gets dark

squirrels posing for the lens

Plenty of lovers on each bench

Pigeons sitting on each fence


You can start your trip anywhere

You can change your mind

You can change your flight

And stay in New York

It’s Christmas day, and the city is full of lights

And The Big Tree’s showing off

Some Romeo kneels down in Bryant Park

And his Juliette says “yes”


Special Christmas lunch and Jazz at the Garage

Evening spent on Bleecker Street, the folk's still in the air

Bass sounds pouring from the doors, Powers' show at Terra Blues

We begin to feel like lost and found castaways


You can start your band in New York

You can show the chords

Of your old guitar

Down on Bleecker Street


Down on Ludlow St. at No Fun Bar we cheers

Sudden stop at Rudy's Shop and let your fingers play


We can live our dreams in New York

We can feel real love in New York

We can leave our troubles far behind

We could have it all

We should dream alive

Turn from dark to light,

Only In New York Streets 

Lyrics and music by Maurice Gene

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